Fly me to the moon

For the first time in 45 years humans will again be heading into deep space. The private company SpaceX – founded by Elon Musk of Paypal and Tesla – has set its sights on providing the first commercial flight around the moon. SpaceX have been at the forefront of space travel and rocket design with the first private craft to have made  a low earth orbit return trip, traded cargo with the international space station, and most recently landing a craft on a boat.

The manned trip is planned for late 2018 and aims to use the newly developed Falcon Heavy. The new craft is a manned version of their Dragon craft and will be making its test flight at the end of this year. Similarly to the original Apollo missions some 45 years ago with Apollo 17, the trip around the moon should take around a week in total to complete.

For more information check out the story on SpaceX, the BBC, the Guardian, and the New Scientist


Image Credit: SpaceX

For image and more related images click here.


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