Sweet and sticky Tofu Char Sui

This is dish that can really pack some punch and is a real treat any time of the year. I remember having Char Sui style pork a few years ago in Manchester and since then I have struggled to find somewhere that does it quite like my first taste. This is my take on the... Continue Reading →


Habanero and Mango hot sauce

Sweet and tangy but with plenty of kick, this was my attempt at recreating a sauce I finished half a bottle of at a Mexican restaurant in London. This is scalable so feel free to multiply this up or down, our last batch used 8 mangos and 16 of our homegrown Habeneros. For this recipe,... Continue Reading →

Halloumi Shakshuka

Saturday morning for me means waking up a little too early and heading to the park for a vigorous 5km run. Why you ask? It is all worth it when you can treat yourself to this once you're all done. After a stop off at the greengrocers for tomatoes, eggs and fresh coriander and popping... Continue Reading →

In one of a series of seven papers published this week, a team of researchers have designed five yeast chromosomes - 30% of the entire genome - completely synthetically. The genome of the yeast species S. cerevisiae - the same used to bake bread - consists of sixteen chromosomes containing the DNA. The project, titled the Synthetic Yeast... Continue Reading →

Genetically modified, sterile mosquitoes

  Two studies posted in Nature this week (LePage, Beckman) have shown the power of common bacterial genes in mosquito sterilisation. By splicing bacterial genes into living male mosquitoes they become infertile and allow for control of the mosquito population size. The bacteria Wolbachia is found in approximately 60% of insects including some species of... Continue Reading →

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